Lindsay D Mitchell, CAGS, MPA, M.Ed.

I am an educator who believes that we are always learning and becoming a better version of ourselves. What can we learn today?

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Educator, Designer, and Instructional Coach.

I am an educator with over a decade of experience in the physical and virtual classroom. In addition, I work as an instructional coach, consultant, professional development designer, and webinar presenter. In both instruction and professional development design, I believe that simple solutions and design lead to highly effective results and an engaged learning community. Using an approach I call microinstruction, I seek to provide solutions in the most efficient and succinct manner possible. Check out the video below to get a quick summary of this approach and why this approach is proven to be successful.

While being a classroom teacher, I provide consulting, instructional coaching, and professional development design services for schools, districts, cohorts, and organizations. Rates start at $75 per hour for consulting/materials design and $300 for developing a one hour webinar or presentation. This flat rate includes initial consultation, presentation, and supplemental resources. Sliding rate are available for some non-profit organizations.

Curious to learn more, have questions, or wish to see samples of work? Reach out and I am happy to help!

Microinstruction: Simplified Instruction

What is microinstruction? In simple terms it is simplified approach to instruction that increases learner inclusion, engagement, and understanding by creating content anyone can access, understand its purpose, and apply. Interested to learn more? Watch the video below:

Related Experience:

Classroom Educator
I have been a public educator for 15 years and have taught elementary, middle-school, and high school aged students. In addition to being recognized as a distinguished educator, I have mentored a dozen new educators as they embarked on their educational careers.

Conference/Webinar Presenter & Designer
I have presented a state, regional, national and global conferences on the topic of Microinstruction. These conferences have included OLC Innovate, Open Education Conference, Open Education Global, NHAWLT (New Association of World Language Teachers). In addition, I helped develop webinars and trainings for professional development firm in the Northeast

Private Consultant & Coach
I worked as a private consultant for schools and districts to design professional development and curate resources for their faculty. In addition, I serve as an instructional coach for educators throughout the regional.

Published Author
I published a series of articles on Edutopia on topics related to effective use of technology and unique instructional approaches in the classroom.